Saturday, January 2, 2010

More tops below RM20! Grab nowwwwww!

T13 - Blue V Neck

- Deep V neck
- Slightly shiny prints
-Sexy fit (with or w/o a tube inside)
- Thick cotton material

Brand: Bay Trading UK
Size: UK8
Worn thrice

Price: RM10

T14 - Gold Rabbit

- Very very very tight fit
- Silky lycra-ish material
- Good quality printing in gold

Brand: Pilot UK
Size: UK10
p/s: this is a very very tight fitting top, would even fit a UK4 really!
Never worn, except trying

Price: RM15

T15 - Long Tube - Stars

- Starry long tube top
- Star prints, slightly shiny but not to OTT
- Has inner lining of thick, good quality cotton + satin
- Comes with detachable, matching sash
- Comes with loops for you to put your sash :)
- Stretchable band at the top

Size: Free
Worn twice only!

Price: RM18

T16 - Sleeveless V Top

- V neck top
- Sleeveless
- Multi-tone, colour block-style & Funky :)
- Strings to tighten/loosen sleeves
- Ribbon at side that can be tied/untied, but doesn't do anything :)

Brand: Bay Trading UK
Size: UK10
Worn twice only!

Price: RM15

T17 - Funky Punky Fish

- Simply funky tank top
- Of normal tube top length (not a long top)
- Colourful & holidayish!

Brand : Punky Fish UK
Size: Free
Condition: Superb, worn once. It's as if it's new :)

Price: RM15

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Thursday, December 24, 2009

Two brand new dresses up for sale!

Sorry for the long hiatus dears :) I have two brand new dresses here up for sale, reason being both are too short for my liking and also they are impulse purchases. Oh well, blame the dresses for being SO fabulous and irresistible :P I've already slashed a lot off the dresses to sell them off, so unfortunately bargaining would be difficult :(

Here they are:

(Sorry for the low picture quality, as I'm relying on my trusty handphone camera)

D02 - Lace one-shouldered Dress *SOLD*

I can't seem to find a modeled picture of this gorgeous dress in any blogshops. Guess this means it's pretty rare? Bought at RM58 w/o postage,

Selling at RM40!
Brand new.
Fits up till a big UK6.

D03 - Zipper tube Dress

Got this from My Closet Giggles.

Picture courtesy of My Closet Giggles :)

Bought this at RM42 w/o postage.

Selling at RM40!
Brand new, in fact I just got it from the post office!
Fits up to a big UK6.

Buy both and get free postage via Pos Laju babes. The dresses are perfect for clubbing nights. Shame I'm a little shy about wearing short skirts/dresses out!

Email us right away!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

A01 - Converse Bag

An original Converse bag bought for Rm89.90 when it came out :)

Very, very convenient as it is not too large, and yet so spacious on the inside! As you can see from the pictures, it has an upper zipper, a back zipper, and inner zipper. 100% authentic, I bought it at the Converse store itself.

Condition: Definitely not in brand new condition, I've used it only a FEW times!; but it is in a good condition nonetheless. Exudes the infamous "Converse" style. (Like how you'll make your Converse shoes worn out before wearing them) :)

Measurement: Height 8". Length 13".

Price: RM25 only

Email us right away!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Tops - ALL BELOW RM20!

T09 - Geometrics Asymmetrical Tube Top

Description: Beautiful heart shaped bustline. Geometrics black-and-white printing. Asymmetrical at the bottom. Beautifully smocked back. Wear it with your skinnies or leggings!
Material: Lycra
Size: Free - Stretchable
Worn twice.
Price: RM15

T10 - LBB Baby T

Description: Simple tee "Sip it Up!" from Little Black Book. A few loose threads but otherwise good condition.
Material: Comfy cotton
Size: XS to S only!
Worn about 5 times?
Price: RM5

T11 - Two Layered Off Shoulder

Description: From Pilot UK - Brown colour outer, on or off-shoulder (depending on you) top with attached halter inside. You can even hide it if you don't like it ;) Two strings at the side to adjust length.
Material: Cotton
Size: UK8
Worn a few times
Price: RM12

T12 - Cropped Top

Description: From Sub-Zero Jeans - Sexy cropped top to show off your flat tummy! In candy pink, with V-shaped neckline.
Material: Cotton
Size: Stated M, but fits me well! (size 6)
Never worn, except for trying purposes. Therefore Brand new!
Price: RM20

More tops on the way... Stay tuned!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Belts & Clinchers

Please click on the images to enlarge, or email us for clearer pictures if you wish!

Belts and clinchers galore; Flaws will be stated clearly!

A04 - Guess-Inspired White Belt

Item: A04 Guess Inspired White Belt
Condition: BRAND NEW! Just a lil bit dirty due to being kept for too long, can be cleaned easily!
Description: 43" in length. Non-authentic, bright diamantes decorating the big G.
Price: RM8

A05 - Simple White Belt

Item: A05 Simple White Belt
Condition: Unused. Brand new wouldn't fit it, since its condition isn't brand new. A bit old, a bit rusty on the bucklet but otherwise in good condition.
Description: 39.5" approx. Simple design.
Price: RM6

A06 - Studded pink belt

Item: A06 Studded pink belt
Condition: Brand new, never ever used before. A bit of wiping needed on the buckle for it to shine.
Description: Studded is in, so why not take a RED studded one?! Skinny belt, 40.5".
Price: RM10

A07 - Red Belt

Item: A07 Red Belt
Condition: Brand New, never used, in mint condition!
Description: A long, weaved red belt to accessorize and funk up your day! Intricate weaving details, made of soft man-made leather. Oh so beautiful. 70" in length.
Price: Rm10

A08 - Silver Clincher

Item: A08 Silver Clincher
Condition: Brand new, never used.
Description: Soft (refer to second pic) silver clincher/belt. Matching buckle. You can even form a ribbon with the buckle! It's not a SHINY kind of silver. More like greyish silver. Length 41", width 2.5".
Price: RM10

A09 - Black Momoe Clincher

Item: A09 Black Momoe Clincher
Brand: Momoe
Condition: Not really good as you can see. The rubber seems to be less elastic if you pull it (cracking sounds), but surprisingly it springs back to its old form eventually. A few kinks on the bottom part. LOOKS NORMAL WHEN WORN! I tried it on and it looked good as new.
Description: Hook clinchers, hardly ever available around although they're so versatile. 25" long.
Price: RM8

Email us at for enquiries.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

D01 - Crochet Dress

Please click on the picture for a clearer view.

Front View
(sorry the bottom left part was folded, I didn't notice.)

Back View

Crocheted part is see-through, as you probably noticed. Lower part is polka dotted, light beige in colour, thin cotton. Lightly ruffled layers at the bottom.

Condition: BRAND NEW except for trying.
Size: From UK6 up till UK12 possibly.
Length: Approx. 34.5"
Material: Crochet & Light cotton

Price: RM18

Email us at if you're interested!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

T07 - MNG Floral Halter

Absolutely new top from MNG. Gorgeous, gorgeous :) Wouldn't have let go of it, but it's too big for me! I keep trying it on hoping it would shrink, but it didn't.

Click on the picture to enlarge!

Two strings at both sides of the tops to create a ruched effect. Of course if you pull it higher the top hikes up higher ;)

Close-up of the chest part!

Close-up of the tag.

Flown in from UK; so you can imagine how disappointed I was that it didn't fit. Therefore I'm not gonna let it go to waste; it's up for you girls!

Oh, and if you'll look closer at pic #3, there's a hidden zipper at the back of the top. And also a small hook on top of the zipper. Totally forgot to take a picture of that :( Email me for more enquiries!

Condition: New!
Size: Size M
Brand: MNG (UK)
Length: 19"
Material: Good quality cotton

Price: RM19 (Isn't this a total steal?)